Testo italiano

It’s since the sixth century that Longobards found out that with the process of turning the Bufala milk into MOZZARELLA, it became a product of incomparable taste, the queen of Mediterranean tables. 
Campania, thank to its fruirful soil and a mild climate, was a natural habitat for Bufale.
Even nowadays, this Region has the highest concentration of this precious animal. 
Cava de’ Tirreni is situated in Campania, among hills and mountains that become a repair from both rigours of winter and heat of summer. 
It is situated between Naples and Salerno, and it is the gate to the Amalfi Coast. It was approximately born in 1500 b.C. and it belonged to the territory of Marcina. 
Then its name turned in Valle Metelliana, from the name of an ancient family. 
Soon Cava de’ Tirreni became a tourist place due to its climate abundance of water.
In this context many small familiar factories flourished and became more and more famous thanks to the devotion of the owners that transformed their little workshops into small firms. 
This is the case of Caseificio Bisogno, whose importance in the field is due to the care and enthusiasm of Vincenzo Bisogno who, in 1963 started the art of cheese making. 
The brand CASARE’ is nowadays marked by quality, taste and genuineness.
The organisation of the production and distribution cycles, the high techology of the equipment and the great respect of all the hygienic and sanitary norms and the health of the consumers, make of us a dairy in the vanguard of the cheese-making.
We proudly produce Mozzarella di Bufala Campana D.O.P.” “Provole” “Scamorze”, mozzarella made of cow’s milk, “Ricotte” “Caciocavalli”, and our intent is to satisfy all gourmets!